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Can't decide what Light Bulb you need? - Try our HOUSE MAP to help you find the right bulb!

Can't decide what Light Bulb you need? - Try our HOUSE MAP to help you find the right bulb! - click here
Lampsavers - we're light years ahead!

With the help of many loyal customers, our electrical wholesale business has grown quite dramatically over the last five years and we now appreciate the need for a specialist company catering for your lamp and lighting requirements, hence the birth of Lampsavers from Telectronics.

Our combined 30 years of experience and product knowledge has generated excellen
t relationships with major manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to negotiate the best possible prices we, in turn, pass on to you to help you grow your business. That means we can offer UNBEATABLE price savings on lamps and tubes!

We stock almost any lamp you could ever need (and if we don't, we'll get it!)

Next day delivery guaranteed - Lampsavers aims to deliver your order to your home, office or on site within 24 hours... anywhere in the UK.

  • Mains Voltage GU10, 21 LED 2.2 watt  GU10 50mm Light Bulb - White Longer life and cost savings over regular GU10 b…
    £ 0.65
  • Mains Voltage GU10 Par 16 Hi Spot Light Bulb. No transformer needed for these alluminium halogen reflector bulbs. Excel…
    £ 0.40
  • Low voltage 50W kitchen/bathroom lamps and lightbulbs
    £ 0.10